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Install Custom Liners
Choose us to install your liner or renovate your vinyl lined pool.  We has successfully installed hundreds of custom pool liners.
Above Ground Pools
Above ground pools are the perfect addition for any family. This pool is fun and functional. Prices start from $3,000.00
Pool Service
We service in-ground and above ground pools.  We also offer opening and closing packages for our customers.
Blue Dolphin Pools
Why choose Blue Dolphin Pools?

-  Locally-owned and operated
-  State certified swimming pool contractors
-  Outstanding local reputation
-  50% of new customers are referrals
-  Free quotes and evaluations
-  Custom pools and spas
-  Attractive  showroom and friendly staff
-  State of the art water testing
-  Great maintenance and repair services

When you need a professional to build the pool or spa of your dreams, look no further than Blue Dolphin Pools. Our swimming pool construction and design specialists are waiting to help you reinvent your backyard.

Please take a few minutes to browse through our Web site to learn more about our services.
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  • Help conserve water by covering your pool with an evaporative pool cover whenever it's not in use
  • Conserve energy by turning down, or turning off, the heat when your pool will be unused for long periods of time
  • Follow a regular preventative maintenance schedule to help eliminate costly repairs in the future
  • Always ensure that your pool is clean enough to see the main drain in the deep end
  • Reduce your chemical use in the winter when cooler pool temperatures mean that bacteria is growing at a slower rate
  • As rain slowly increases the level of your pool, remember to drain it to maintain a mid-tile water level
  • Always remember to clean your pool on a regular basis and to add chemicals in recommended doses